70s 80s All Time Greatest (Лимасол)

Nothing but the 70s and the 80s, Non-Stop all day and every day. All classic hits, one hit wonders and all those songs you had forgotten about.

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  • All Time 70s 80s Greatest (Лимасол)

    All Time 70s 80s Greatest (Лимасол)

    Oldies, 80s, Кипр

  • 60s Chartbusters (Лимасол)

    60s Chartbusters (Лимасол)

    Oldies, Кипр

  • 50s All Time Greatest (Лимасол)

    50s All Time Greatest (Лимасол)

    Oldies, Retro, Кипр

  • Love Zone (Лимассол)

    Love Zone (Лимассол)

    Pop, Retro, Eurodance, 80s, Кипр